Tickets don’t have to be taxing.

Putting on an event, mounting a show or even organising a networking breakfast takes a heck of a lot of time, patience and energy. More often than not when you’re wanting to concentrate on flexing your creative prowess, you’re left spending hours setting up your box office using self service platforms and dealing with little ticketing niggles that take up more time than they really should.

For consumers too, the ticketing world can be an overwhelming place. Never quite knowing who to trust to hand over those coveted tickets to see their favourite artist, constantly playing the role of Sherlock and Doctor Watson trying to uncover whether they’re being hoodwinked by a shady ticket seller. It kind of takes away the fun of actually going to see a live show.

That’s why we created Arctix, our own in house ticketing solution. We’ve got decades of experience selling tickets at some of the UK’s biggest venues for some of the largest shows to grace UK stages. We’re also as stagey as stagey can be and we just want a world where the events we want to go and see come complete with an awesome booking experience too.

Now of course there’s a huge number of ‘self-service’ platforms out there, with Ticketmaster’s Universe, Eventbrite, See Tickets and Skiddle all providing some excellent services. But we found that many of our clients simply don’t have the time or lack the expertise to get the most out of their ticketing operations. Even if they do have the time, they’d rather spend it on making a great show than designing seating plans. By ticketing with Arctix, our box office geeks take that off of your hands so you can concentrate on what matters, making a bloody good show!

Arctix is powered by the awesome Ticketsolve software, the system trusted by hundreds of venues across Europe. It’s so good, it’s even trusted by BAFTA to run their ticketing operations. The platform gives us some powerful tools, the benefits of which are passed straight onto promoters, producers and audiences alike. Whatever is thrown at it, the system can handle, including high spikes in traffic during popular on-sales. Its capable of selling tickets, merch and taking charity donations for all kinds of event formats too, making it infinitely flexible. From a booker’s point of view you get a lovely responsive website, that’s secure and reliable (and some delightfully designed e-tickets too).

The beauty of ticketing an event with Arctix, is that you get access to a world class box office system AND our ticketing wizkids who are on hand to make sure your event does the best it possibly can do. Their years of experience behind the counters of some of the UK’s busiest box offices, combined with the rest of the Jonarc team’s creative expertise, means your event’s tickets should hopefully land in more hands than your competitors.

Some nice added extras can include beautiful custom designed tickets to put your show or brand centre stage, stunning event pages and website integration to make the booking process seamless and even whole box office teams to check the tickets and handle sales on the night. We also automatically push your events out to major listings websites too, to make sure everyone knows where to get tickets for your show. Oh also, through our deal with London Theatre Direct we also have direct access to the box offices of almost all of the West End’s theatres, meaning your events appear alongside world-class theatre like Les Miserables, Wicked and The Lion King. Cool ey?

Our box office nerds are waiting to help you pop that coveted ‘House Full’ sign outside the venue. Find out more about Arctix here and get some great deals on our awesome line up of West End shows.

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