Jonarc helps out theatre professionals affected by the coronavirus outbreak with their lockdown living room kids series

With the UK’s lockdown set to last further into the year and the COVID crisis continuing to affect all aspects of life, Jonarc have been lending a helping hand to other out of work creatives.

The company, which specialises in providing creative design and marketing services to the live entertainment and theatre industry has, like many other businesses, witnessed most of their work dry up as strict lockdown measures were brought in to stop the spread of Coronavirus forcing the closure of venues and cancellation of shows and events.

Determined to lend a hand and support other freelancers and small businesses during these unprecedented times, Jonarc founder Jonny Chambers, who’s spent much of his life involved in live theatre, posted in a Facebook group of theatre and arts workers last month, offering to lend a hand and volunteer the company’s services to anyone who might need them. Shortly afterwards, the company was contacted by Jack Blume and Emily Dunn, a musical director and musical theatre performer from London who have decided to spend their days in lockdown using their skills to create a new children’s TV web series. 

Emily Time: A trip to a mystical jungle, all from the comfort of a living room

Jonarc immediately set to work, turning round a title treatment and a full suite of animated graphics in just 5 days, which were edited into the first episode and uploaded to YouTube later that day. The show, named ‘Emily Time’ has since racked up considerable views and subscribers online and after only 3 episodes is currently being pitched to the UK’s major broadcasters and streaming platforms after significant interest in the project. 

The series follows Emily and her cute and cuddly friends as they head off on whimsical adventures, all without leaving her living room. Filmed entirely in Emily and Jack’s flat using green screens and simple effects, the show has ventured under the sea, on a jungle safari and celebrated the everyday heroes who are working to keep us safe. Original (and terribly catchy) music written by Jack and performed by Emily are designed to get their young viewers and their parents moving, alongside educational stories and engaging arts and crafts segments.

Jonarc founder and creative director Jonny Chambers said;

“Our wonderful theatre industry is the best in the world, providing an escape for millions of patrons each year and showcasing to the world the enviable talent we have here. Sadly, the pandemic means the lights have dimmed on this industry and the talented people who work tirelessly each night to entertain us. It was therefore hugely important for us to be there for these creatives when they need it most. 

Helping Jack and Emily to realise their wonderful children’s series and showcase their talents has been an absolute joy amongst the gloom of the current situation. The show must go on when we’re through this and I look forward to that first tub of interval ice cream when the curtain dies rise again!”.

Emily Time’s co-creator Jack Blume said;

“Jonny and Jonarc were amazing to work with. After a chance meeting via a Facebook post, his first draft of our title graphics was almost spot on, and delivered incredibly fast!”

The outbreak has demonstrated the amazing power of coming together and helping each other, with initiatives like Clap for Carers and the huge fundraising effort for Captain Tom Moore. As businesses come to terms with the true impacts that the virus will have on their operations, the company hopes that by offering to help each other out, we can get through this together. 

Check out the latest episode of Emily Time ➡️

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