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“We need to put bums on seats, Jonny,” said our client back in 2016. “You’re good at all that poster stuff so it’s up to you.”

The pressure was on. Without bums on seats they'd have no audience. With no audience they'd have no money. With no money, they wouldn't be able to pay us.

So, what did we do?

Did we stand on the street with a big hook from the theatre prop cupboard and drag people in?

No, but that might work. We’ll note that for later.

Did we leave a trail of chocolate hobnobs leading into the theatre?

No, but again that might work. Noted that one too.

Did we shout: “FREE THEATRE TICKETS” to grab people’s attention, then mutter: “for anyone from Madagascar” under our breath?

No. That wouldn’t work.

What we did was focus on audience building creative.

Attention-grabbing, well presented, memorable posters, striking social media graphics and press and PR that got people talking. Did it work? Shows sold out in 24 hours. Our client is still working with us now. Bravo.


Jonarc now deliver audience building creative to all businesses, organisations and brands large and small. Both public and private sector, from start ups to multi-nationals.

It's creative that doesn’t just attract an audience, but has people fighting for front row seats to do business with you and become your biggest fan.

Why pay more?

You don’t need big flash agencies in London (or even the North East).

Yes, we’ve worked with some ‘big fish’ like the NHS and even the Prince of Wales, but we pride ourselves on creating world-leading brands and creative that gets results on realistic budgets.

Your bolt-on marketing department

Think of Jonarc as your bolt-on marketing department.

While we specialise in design & branding, we've assembled a talented team of trusted collaborators, who are ready to work on any creative challenge.

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Our Founder & CEO

Meet Jonny

Jonny Chambers is a highly skilled and experienced creative entrepreneur who founded Jonarc in 2016. He's managed some of the UK's most prestigious theatres, produced massive events, broadcast to over 300,000 listeners and had his work featured around the globe.

A thoughtful and inventive graphic designer, Jonny is the creative brains behind Jonarc as well as working for and volunteering his time at a number of prominent organisations in the North East.

A finalist in the FSB's Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards, he provides expert marketing and creative consultancy to organisations large and small alongside Jonarc.

Communities at the heart of everything we do.

We stand by our values and love to work with business owners, organisations and brands who do the same.

Jonarc are proud sponsors of Northern Pride and the UK's largest free pride festival, supporting the work they do for LGBTQ+ communities in the North.

Plus, we’re supporters of Theatre Space North East and the work they do to deliver theatre and culture to disadvantaged audiences in the North East.

Work for a charity you think matches our values? We’d love to hear from you.

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