Your logo is just the start.

Whatever it takes, we've got the skills, services and talented partners to achieve just about any creative goal.

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Branding & Identity

Your business’s fingerprint

Skills include

  • Branding Design & Development
  • Brand Guidelines & Tone of Voice
  • Branding Bootcamps
  • Naming Strategy
  • Visual Audits
We’ll create a logo you love so much you’ll print it on mugs, t-shirts, and get it tattooed on your forehead. OK maybe not on your forehead. On your leg though? Possibly.

But a brand isn’t just a logo.

A logo is the start. We’ll create a brand that’s unique, memorable, and reflective of your business. Something instantly recognizable. Something that begins selling your business before you’ve even said a word.

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Graphic & Advertising Design

How you communicate with your audience

Skills include

  • Campaign & creative design
  • Marketing collateral
  • Print & digital design
  • Large scale and out of home
  • Artworking
  • Art & Campaign Direction
  • Packaging
  • Branded merchandsing & signage
Once you have a brand, you’ll want to show it to the world. We’ll get you in front of your customers – wherever they are.

Are they members of the public? We’ll design adverts for buses that has people racing to take out their phones and act.

Are they on socials? We’ll design a social media campaign that will make people stop scrolling, pay attention and do what you’re asking them to.

Are they ants living in a colony? We’ll make teeny tiny little leaflets they can carry down to the Queen.

Using our network of photographers, illustrators, videographers, and copywriters, Jonarc will strategize, plan and implement your campaign – no matter how brash or humble.

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Digital, Social & Web

Demand the attention you deserve online

Website Design skills include

  • Bespoke website design & digital solution development
  • Fully responsive Wordpress, Webflow and custom sites
  • UX / UI Design
  • Consultancy and audit
  • SEO
Your website isn’t there just to look pretty (though that is important). It’s got a job to do. To bring you leads. To help your customers engage with your brand. To provide value.

So we’ll design you a website that does just that! And then we’ll build it for you.

Every Jonarc website works perfectly across devices, and is hosted on superfast, and super reliable secure hosting -the same infrastructure that houses some of the world's biggest sites and apps. We make sure they're easy to manage in-house, technically sound and rigorously tested.

Social & digital skills include

  • Social media design and content creation
  • Paid and organic social media strategy
  • Paid and organic campaign creative
  • Email and CRM design
  • Video & Animation
  • Digital screens, signage and menus
  • Audio Production & Voiceover
There’s a lot of rubbish online. Photos of people’s takeaways (we’ve all had one), your Auntie’s conspiracy theory group (it might be true but what you going to do about it?), cat videos (ok we like cat videos).

Luckily, we’re used to scrolling past it. Unluckily, it means it’s hard to grab people’s attention. To get them to stop scrolling. Then to hang on for dear life while you try and sell what you’re offering.

Our creative has helped brands achieve record engagements, boosted awareness, sales, and built dedicated communities and has graced some of the biggest social accounts on the internet.

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Marketing & PR

The secret to gaining and retaining fans

Skills include

  • PR & Media Relations
  • Press & Media Management
  • Communications & Brand Messaging
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Campaign Management & Strategy
  • Traditional, Influencer and Digital Marketing Consultancy
We’ve sold out shows in 24 hours and we’ve got clients national coverage on BBC (the proper BBC - the big one).

Our little black book of contacts ranges from major broadcasters to niche content sites, ensuring the perfect audience sees your stuff, first time.

We become the storytellers for your brand, championing it to people with influence, who in turn can entice legions of fans and loyal followers to your business.

So if you need more people to know about your business, we’ll help you do that.

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Services for live entertainment & culture

Our bread and butter, partner with the ultimate audience building agency.

Skills include

  • Key Event Artwork, Marketing Collateral, Posters & Programmes
  • Ticketing & Managed Box Office
  • Production marketing and creative campaign direction
  • Front of House & Audience Management
  • Cultural customer journey strategy
  • Event Photography & Videography
  • Event signage and wayfinding
  • Merchandise
From selling ice creams to managing large venues, we’ve done everything in live entertainment, culture and leisure.

Our roots are in theatre. We love everything about it (except from bad Pantomime posters).

We take care of the entire customer journey, from the marketing through to entire managed box office and ticketing solutions, using state of the art ticketing systems that put your events directly in the hands of fans.

We work with everyone from major producers to small community arts organisations, from huge commercial tours to quirky non-profit cultural experiences. We know what makes audiences tick and what puts bums on seats.

Whatever logistical & creative assets you need to run your event, we’re on it.

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What our clients partners say

"Jonarc's innovative, considered and 'bang on brief' design concepts were just what we were looking for in a full network rebrand. Jonny's experience and flair created a strong brand identity across the board from initial concepts to fulfilment across TV, websites and all associated marketing material. Would highly recommend,"

Natalie Rigby

Marketing Manager, Local TV Group




"We’ve been overwhelmed by the love we’ve received for our new branding. Jonarc have truly produced something very special for us. Our iconic brand scheme, thoughtfully crafted by Jonarc is already a beacon for LGBTQ+ people across the North,"

Ste Dunn

Director, Northern Pride




#Event Branding

"Jonarc just completed my rebrand and I couldn't be happier. From a logo, to a brand guide, social media images and even a new contract document, it's all amazing. People have already commented on how recognizable and professional everything is. Plus, Jonny is a lovely fella too!,"

Alex Thompson

Founder, act



"Jonarc have become an intrinsic part of Theatre Space's story and the only company we trust to provide everything from our marketing collateral to our ticketing and front of house provision. They understand our industry intimately and know exactly how to entice, excite and attract loyal audiences year after year,"

Corinne Kilvington

Founder & Artistic Director, Theatre Space North East