We’re in the business of telling stories…

So here’s ours.

First and foremost, we’re graphic designers. We harness gradients, wrangle fonts and help to tell your story through showstopping graphic design, branding, digital and web.

Buried in Photoshop since 2010.

Based in sunny Sunderland, we’ve been buried in Photoshop since 2010, starting off designing things for ‘The Best Student Radio Station in the World’. A college course, many packets of supernoodles and degree later, we joined the University of Sunderland’s Enterprise Place and started in business good and proper.


Our background lies in the commercial theatre industry and hospitality and our approach to graphic design, branding, web, and digital are informed primarily by the same principles that go into crafting a blockbuster show. We aim to create visual feasts, that lead you on a journey and most importantly communicate an unforgettable story to the viewer.

How we tell stories:

Print Design


Whether you’re telling your story on a business card, or on the side of a double-decker bus, we’ll make sure it has impact in the real world.

Brand and Identity


A showstopping brand is your most valuable asset. Nothing can tell your story better than thoughtful logo design and coherent branding.

Digital Design


Make an impression on phone screens to big screens. From responsive web design to irresistible social content creation.

Jonarc was my mam’s idea.

Jonarc is a name dreamt up by our founder Jonny’s mam and she still keeps asking for royalties like an embittered artist. The name is actually a contraction of Jonny’s full name and our logo features an eight on its side, the 8th June being Jonny’s birthday. So whilst we wish there was some whimsical meaning behind it, it’s not altogether that exciting. But thanks anyway Mam.

Our founder

Jonny Chambers

Jonny taught himself how to use Photoshop and has since produced work for His Royal Highness Prince Charles, Ambassador Theatre Group and Heathrow Airport.


He also makes a mean spaghetti and meatballs and hosts a market leading commercial radio show.